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March 21 2018

Music is energy, and energy is the single most important form of it in the world. Without energy, there is no life. The only difference between a dead person and a live person is the energy, the electricity flowing inside their system, and that's what makes music.
— John Frusciante
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February 17 2017

“It's not the note you play that's the wrong note – it's the note you play afterwards that makes it right or wrong.”
— Miles Davis
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May 20 2015

"There is no greater and more living resonator of sound than the human body. Sound has an effect on each atom of the body, for each atom resounds; on all glands, on the circulation of the blood and on pulsation .

. . . [Music] creates that resonance which vibrates through the whole being, lifting the thought above the denseness of matter; it aImost turns matter into spirit, into its original condition, through the harmony of vibrations touching every atom of one's whole being."

— Indian musician Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927)
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April 23 2015

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raja ram '95
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March 22 2014

January 28 2014

The waves of music shape this Divine Universe, as every-thing is made up of vibrations of energy. As musical waves of resonance penetrate deep into our core BEing, this can change our emotions and our FEELing. On the surface, our body may appear as a solid surface, but a closer look shows that we too are made of vibrations of energy. When two vibrations that resonate come together, a great synergy occurs, as the waves merge and the two become one. Yet one can block these waves from entering, and turn the harmony into dissonance, not allowing the synergy to flow. So look closer at everything around you, for IT ALL radiates waves of energy. As the people you hold dear to you, are no different than your favorite music, for IT can bring Rise to a great comfort within. And those we view as our enemies, could be seen as music that makes us FEEL uncomfortable inside, but this just stems mostly from our Fears. Yet there IS another harmony that surrounds us, one that can BE felt but cannot BE seen with the naked eyes. IT IS found by returning to the silence within and stilling the mind, as this brings rise to the Divine music that the Universe creates. IT is said that in the beginning was the word then the word became flesh, but what was that word? A Divine Wave of Vibration! For the one who gets with that flow, a great synergy is felt, as the illusion of duality dissolves, and the non-duality of Self arises!
— Alistar Valadez, visionary artist
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October 18 2013

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Music directly reflects the structure of space-time. Here we see how the musical system called "the circle of fifths" perfectly maps to the cube octahedron, or what Buckminster Fuller called the "vector equilibrium" which is comprised of 6 pairs of equal and opposite vectors that perfectly match the 6 pairs of tri-tones (the interval that divides the 12-tone musical scale perfectly in half).

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March 17 2013

Shpongle & Psychedelics: An Interview with Simon Posford

There’s a particularly commercial band who sold a lot of records in the 80s and early 90s, and I made the terrible mistake of listening to their music while trying to have a psychedelic experience in my parent’s house when I was a teenager. I put on this CD while I was tripping, and truly heard it for the bland potbellied corporate, insipid, vapid nastiness that it was.(...)
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