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August 17 2018

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psylocybin mushrooms
Tags: psilocybe
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April 20 2018

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albert hoffmann about psylocybin
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July 03 2015

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no, thank you.
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July 02 2015

Somebody said, 'What, is your message still the same?' My message is still the same, and it has nothing to do with me. The message is, 'Don’t follow me, eat a shroom!' Unlock the cultural box and check out what’s going on. Your nervous system, your sexuality, and your vegetable friends provide an antidote to cultural dystopia, alienation, and victimization. Don’t be a victim. Don’t consume. Produce art. Keep your powder dry, one hand over your wallet, the other hand over your asshole - this is the way to proceed with this society, I think. And then, we’ll all meet at the end and make extremely high art. I see it coming.
— Terence McKenna
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May 29 2015

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mushroom heart?
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May 11 2015

May 06 2015

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March 15 2015

The cross was a mushroom, and the mushroom was also the Tree of Good and Evil. The Stone of the Alchemists was LSD. The Book of the Dead was a trip. And the Apocalypse describes a mescaline experience. In these flasks are all the Holy Mountains. And in this beautiful young man… is eternity.
— The Holy Mountain
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October 30 2014

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September 07 2014

August 13 2014

June 25 2014

March 28 2014

February 19 2014

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February 17 2014

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January 28 2014


Little Saints is the personal journey of six individuals from the United States, along with Director Oliver Quintanilla, they travel to the South of Mexico to meet a Shaman and take part of an ancient ritual for psychological and physical healing, a ritual that provides a very unique opportunity for spiritual advancement. Through the ingestion of psilocybe mushrooms, and guided by Mazatec Shaman Natalia, each member gets the opportunity to first acknowledge the reason why their ritual is being made, then during the journey, they get to look at those issues and find answers within themselves that could help them make the necessary adjustments; through prayer and energy cleansings, the Shaman purifies their spirits.

The storyline follows Tas Limur and Jaime, a young married couple dealing with relationship struggles and personal goals; Sergio a man who faces depression after divorcing his wife; Natasha is dealing with a personal loss; David, a young man who’s struggling with asthma; and Lorrie, a woman suffering from social anxiety.
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January 02 2014

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psylocybin peak
Tags: trip psilocybe
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December 25 2013

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