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June 16 2015

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Alan Watts - ŚMIERĆ: STRACH PRZED NICZYM (Polski lektor)
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May 18 2015

You need both left and right wings to fly, snake scales are just bird feathers literally not metaphorically although they may be used in allegory, hence wise as a snake gentle as a dove... A pendulum is just and upside down metronome, the fulcrum in the middle can be moved up or down for spiritual, astral or physical advantage using discernment in the moment for what's needed, rhythm compensates... good and evil are destruction and creation, light dark, concave convex, toroid and phallic, positive and negative, plus and minus, two sides of the same coin neither side can ever win…god made the devil or the devil gave birth to her savior, either wat does god make mistakes, pistis Sophia, Lilith, philo Sophia or philosophy Sophia means Wisdom.
— Natan Chance
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